Your Recipe for Success: Just 5 Ingredients

You’re not ordinary! Just by reading a blog about success shows you are different.

Would you like to be extraordinary?  I’m betting you do and wonder what it takes.

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Are you ready?  Because once you know how there’s no more excuses.  Up until now, if you’re anything like me, the excuse has been you just don’t know how to get there.  Once you know the how the rest is up to you.  If you’re not ready, I understand.  Just close down your browser window and come back when you are.

If you know you have greater potential.  If you are fed up with ordinary results.  If you are ready, once and for all, to achieve greatness then read on…

You’ve Already Got It

Your inner voice tells you, you are great.  You know you have amazing potential.

You look around you and see others achieving the “success” you desire.  And you wonder what makes them different?  What are you missing that they have?

You don’t have the charisma.
You don’t have the right look.
You don’t have an amazing story.
You didn’t have the opportunity.

You work hard, put in the effort, yet the results just don’t seem to follow.  Why?

I’m here to tell you that it is not something you are lacking.  You’ve already got everything you need to be successful.

You are unique.  You have your own personality, your own experiences and your own voice.

Then what?!  What is it that’s standing between you and “success”?

What is “Success”?

Have you noticed “success” has been in quotes?  There is a reason.

“Success” means very different things to different people.  Before you can achieve it you must understand how you define it.

What does “success” mean to you?

Don’t skip over this question.  If you want to un-tap your potential and achieve greatness you need to be clear.  Not for someone else but for yourself.

dog chasing tail

Have you ever seen a dog chase it’s tail?  Can you relate?  Feeling like you are just going round and round.

Have you ever seen the dog catch it’s tail?  What happens next?  Defeat…not success.

Probably not what you expected, but think about it.  The dog isn’t happier.  The dog isn’t fulfilled.  Maybe even feels a bit silly with it’s tail in it’s mouth.

What’s it all for?  Why do you want to achieve “success”?  Defining “success” needs to start with your why.

Fast Forward

Fast forward your life three to ten years.  You have achieved whatever you think you’re after.  What does your life look like?  How is it different than today?

No really, create a mental picture.  What do you have?  More money?  Bigger house?  Nicer car?  Better vacations?

Now go deeper.  What will this do for you?  If you hit your goal, whatever it is and you have whatever that will give you.  What will that do for you?

Keep digging.  Then dig some more and and get to the core.  What’s it all for?

My Why

Confused?  When I first did this exercise I was a bit lost.  I wasn’t sure what the next deeper thing was or even the point.  But when I pushed further it became clearer and easier.

My goal was to be rich.  I wanted money.  I wanted to be a millionaire by 30.

But what would that do for me?  What would having a million dollars give me?  My answer: I couldn’t wait to find out.  Big house, fancy cars…toys.

live an extraordinary life with big house and fancy cars

Then I dug even deeper.  What would the big house, fancy cars, fast boat, nice clothes do for me?  Wow?!  I’m not sure.  I never thought about it before.  And maybe you haven’t either but that’s the whole point!  After giving it some thought I realized it would make me feel good about myself.  That I would have the things in life that most did not.

I kept going.  What would feeling good about myself do for me?  Having the confidence would give me confidence.  Confidence to be a great man, husband, father, and business owner.

But why?  What would that do for me?  I wanted to make an impact.  I wanted to change people’s lives.  My own and those around me.

I was close to the core but not quite there yet.  What would changing people’s lives do for me?  I wanted to leave a legacy.  I wanted my ideas to grow larger and last longer than me.

Look at how this works:
Millionaire by 30 (society focused)
Big house, fancy cars, fast boat, nice clothes (things focused)
Confidence (inward focused)
Change lives (outward focused)
Leave a legacy (universally focused)

I’ve done this exercise hundreds of times in my mortgage business.  With clients, referral sources and my team.  This is how it works every time.  It starts with some societal definition of “success” but eventually leads to something bigger than you.

Find Your Why by Simon SinekYour turn.  Need additional inspiration?  Check out Find Your Why by Simon Sinek.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Ready to make an impact on the world?  Then you’re ready for the formula.

It’s simpler than you might expect.  And it’s right in front of you.  What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary?


There it is…it’s the EXTRA.

That’s the formula, the path, the answer you’ve been searching for:


E is for Execute


Not later.  Not after you learn more about x, y or z.  Not after you have some money saved up or the stress at work reduces or Monday comes around.

Achievers execute.  They get going.  They don’t worry about the details.

Jumping into the deep end forces you to swim…or drown.  It can be scary.  It might feel like you’re not ready.  But you are.  And you wont die.  You will learn, just in time.

Information is not the problem…well actually it is.  The problem is not a lack of information but too much information.

When you have too many options or too much information we simply don’t do anything.  It becomes overwhelming…even paralyzing.

Instead take immediate action and figure things out as you go along.

There is a great tool out there, maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s called Google.

It’s amazing.  You simply type in anything you want to learn about and within a split second you have millions of answers.

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I know it can be scary.  You might be worried that you’re going down the wrong path.  Or may be not even the wrong path but just not the most ideal path.  That may be the case.  But if you search long enough for the ideal path the opportunity may be lost and most likely the ideal path is no longer the ideal path.  The world moves faster now than ever.  The longer you wait to do something the more likely you will be left behind.

Get going, take immediate action, execute!

X is X-Out or Eliminate

You probably already experienced it.  And if you haven’t yet you will the moment you take action.

What am I talking about?  Limiting beliefs!

The voice in your head will say, “This is too hard” or “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough.”

We all have those limiting beliefs.  We all have that little voice inside us telling us we can’t achieve our goals.

But I’ve got some fantastic news for you.  This nay-saying voice in your head to be used to your benefit and here’s how…

Every time you hear this voice write down what you hear.  Exactly as you hear it.  Do this for a week or two and you will have quite the list.

Now, change every single one of those limiting beliefs in the the exact opposite and in present tense.  For example, “This is too hard” turns into “My daily activities are easy and fun!”  Or, “I’m not good enough” becomes “People love hearing what I have to say.”

Once everything is converted to the positive and present phrase you eliminate (a.k.a. throw away) your old limiting list.  Every day read your new positive list.  You can read it in your head, read it out loud, share it with someone, write it on your bathroom mirror.  Whatever.  The key is to be reminded of those phrases until your subconscious takes over control and starts making this a realty based on your actions.

T is for Tracking

I like tracking.  This one came naturally to me.

Logging my results gives me history and allows me to predict what will happen.  It gives me peace of mind.

Despite all the tracking I was doing I wasn’t getting the results I expected.  I saw results, but not as quickly as I had hoped and expected.  And I finally figured out why.

I was only tracking half of what I should have been.  The results.  But there was a second metric to track that I didn’t consider.  And it was so obvious.

The 12 Week Year by Brian MoranIt was only after reading The 12 Week Year that I uncovered my oversight.  Again it was right there in front of me and after seeing it I couldn’t believe that I had missed it.

When you track you must track both execution and results.


If all you track is your results and you are not getting the results you want, what do you do?  You guess and that is exactly what I did.  Normally I guessed wrong.  I guessed that the actions I was taking were wrong and so I would change what I was doing.  I changed too often.  I never created consistency.  And that was a huge mistake I wished I had learned years earlier.

Tracking and measuring your execution and your results you have the perfect tool.  Now, if you don’t see the results you want you look at your execution.  In other words, what percentage of the actions needed to achieve your goal are you actually doing?

If you aren’t executing at 80% or better without the results you want then you better work on executing before changing what you’re doing.  If you are hitting 80%+ execution without the results you want then look at changing the execution strategy.

How to Track

There are an infinite number of ways to track.  You can log it on a piece of paper, your bathroom mirror, a spreadsheet, an app, whatever.  It doesn’t really matter as long as you track it somewhere.

I believe there is value in tracking something that allows you to play with the data, like a spreadsheet (Google’s G Suite provides a ton of tools for a low cost).  Spreadsheets allow you to do calculations, sort, identify trends and more.  But I’m a geek who enjoys that sort of stuff.

Think about this for a moment:

You want to lose weight.  You start tracking your calorie intake (execution).  After a period of 3 months and at the end of every week you weigh yourself (results).  How do you determine your average daily calorie intake over those three months?  If you wrote it down on a piece of paper (which you hopefully haven’t misplaced) you will need to manually add up all the numbers and calculate your average.  You will need to do something similar for the weight logs too.  But weights fluctuate and you are looking for a trend not an average.  With a spreadsheet you could calculate a standard deviation, create a chart, or a variety of other options to see what’s happening.  Don’t know how to do this stuff?  No problem…Google it!

R is for Repeat

Repeat what works and ditch what doesn’t.

After tracking the massive action you are taking you will be able to determine what is working and what isn’t.  Simply get rid of the things that don’t work and do more of what does.  Or replace what didn’t work with new actions to test.

Be careful here.  You don’t want to change too often.  You should ditch what doesn’t work but you need to make sure you had enough time to determine it actually didn’t work.

If you sent 5 emails and didn’t get a response that doesn’t mean your email didn’t get responses.  It means you didn’t send enough emails.  You need to know with confidence before you change.

One of my least favorite subjects in school was statistics.  It just didn’t click in my brain.  And I’m a numbers guy.  But the good news is, there’s Google!

statistical significance search

With a little digging you find out that to be 95% sure that you will get a 15-35% response rate (or not) from 100 people you must send at least 49 emails and get 12-13 responses.

I learned that just in time for this post.  And it took me about 5-10 minutes.  Do you have to go to that length to determine whether or not you you’ve taken enough action?  Probably not, but if you wanted to be sure you could.

Or you could just look at it from a common sense perspective and realize that sending 5 emails probably doesn’t give you a sample size large enough to determine if your strategy works.  You get to decide but keep in mind you could be stopping an activity that produces results merely because the first few attempts did not get you the result you wanted.  You could flip a coin 5 times and get tails all 5 times but that doesn’t mean that if you kept flipping that coin you would get tails 100% of the time.

A is for Associations

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#0090DD” class=”” size=””]You are the average of the five people you most associate with.[/perfectpullquote]

Hopefully you’ve heard that quote by Jim Rohn before.  This is only part of what I mean by associations, however.

Yes, it is the people you spend time with but it is also the:

  • books you read
  • podcasts you listen to
  • tv you watch
  • social media accounts you follow

Everything you put into your brain impacts you whether you think it does or not.

If you are watching the news and hear about all the horrible tragedies that occur you start to think that’s reality.  On the other hand, if you turn off the tv and read Success Magazine your perception of the world will change.  And your thoughts will follow.  Then your actions.

You must be very careful with your associations.  Just like your actions you must keep the ones that serve your goal and ditch the ones that don’t.

That can be difficult.  But you must if you want to achieve your core purpose in life.

Will You Do the E.X.T.R.A.?

Does it sound daunting or overwhelming?  If so, then I would say you need to go back and look at your goal and your core driver in life.  Because when that is fully developed the fire inside you will burn so hot you can barely sit still long enough to read this.  And when you do the ideas, next steps and motivation to achieve success will be erupting from inside you.

You will go one of two ways.  You will be excited and motivated to make it happen.  Or you wont.  Which one are you?  If you’re in let me know in the comments.  Just comment, “I’m in”.

Now go get it!

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