Making Deposits into Your Referral Bank Account

Top-notch service and professionalism is hard to find these days.

It seems that most businesses are focused on efficiency and profitability more than the service they provide to their customers.

Take a moment and think about a recent experience you’ve had where the service you received was better than average.  Not even great, just better than what you expected.

Maybe it was a dinner out or getting an oil change.  It could have been a call into a support department.

With this experience in mind, consider what was different about it.  What made it better than you expected?  Was is the way they greeting you?  Did you feel like they gave you their full attention?  It could have just been as simple as following through on what they said they would do.

pizza dining out experience

Now, let’s say the experience you had was a going out to eat.  What if someone were to ask you for a recommendation within a week or two of that experience?  How would you feel?

My bet is that you would feel excited to share your experience and recommend the restaurant, and maybe even your server.  Have you ever thought about why?  Why you are not just willing, but excited to share your recommendation?

Well, it’s because of our culture.  The unwritten societal rules.  The reason you want to recommend, or refer, is because someday you might need a referral to someone.  So, when you have a good experience you want to share that experience with others.  Not only for them to have a similar experience but also in case you need something in the future.

By giving out a referral you are basically making a deposit into the referral bank account.  And you do this over and over again.  With restaurants, movies, service providers, vacation spots, etc.  You probably do it without even thinking about it.  You share an experience on Facebook or Instagram.  You tell someone about a great experience you had eating out.  And every time you share a good experience you are making those small deposits.

need a referral to a plumberThen, one day comes along and now you need a recommendation for something.  Maybe you need a plumber.  So, what do you do?  Well, if you don’t already know of someone you probably ask your network of family, friends or acquittances.  You cash in on all the deposits you’ve made up to that point.

That is how our society works.  And this is great news for you!  Want to know why?

Because your clients need to refer.  You have just two responsibilities.  To deliver a good experience and continue to remind them of that experience.

Delivering a good experience, one better than average, is not all that difficult to do if you just focus on your customer and what they want or need.  You don’t need to offer a Ritz Carlton or Nordstrom experience.  You just need to take good care of your customers.

You, I’m sure, already do that.  Which leaves just one thing to focus on…staying in touch so they are continually reminded of the good experience they had with you so when the opportunity for them to refer arises they share their experience with someone who could benefit from working with you.

It really is that simple!

Our clients are seeing this work in their businesses.  Through a simple, yet effective, stay-in-touch campaign they are getting more referrals.  Through optimizing what works and eliminating what doesn’t they see better results in less time.

It is just a matter of staying in touch consistently.

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Generating referrals has never been easier!

You know your past clients are your best source of business.  The key is staying in touch consistently.

We’ve got everything you need to generate past client referrals…without the hard work!

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