Your Window of Opportunity for Referrals

window of opportunity for referrals

One of the major factors associated with generating referrals from your past clients is completely out of your control.

Yet, it is something that is critically important to understand.  You can use it to your advantage.  But you must also realize that the window of opportunity for you to benefit from it wont last long.

I will get there, but let me explain something about your brain first.

You see, your brain is an ultra-powerful computer.  More powerful than any computer that exists today.  Our brains can process a billion billion calculations per second.  That wasn’t a typo…that was two billions.  Here is what that looks like with all the zeroes:


The fastest super computer processes 54,902,000,000,000,000 calculations per second.  That means that our brains can still calculate 945,098,000,000,000,000 more calculations per second than the fastest computer.

computing power of our brains

Those are some big numbers.  And the point is not the numbers but rather the incredible power of our brains.  And yet, despite all of this power our brains have figured out how to calculate the right things.  The things that we need to calculate, process and then react to.

Your brain filters out most everything that it encounters.  That way it can focus on the things it needs to focus on.

Consider everything that is happening around you at this one moment.  Here is just an idea:

  • The temperature in the room
  • The lighting (or lack of lighting)
  • The feeling of the chair on your butt
  • The feeling of the armrests (or lack of armrests)
  • The texture of your clothes
  • Your level of hunger
  • Your level of thirst
  • Your heartbeat
  • Your breathing
  • The sound (or lack of sound) in the background
  • And on…
  • and on…
  • and on…

Your brain does not need to focus on all of that.  It only needs to focus on what is important at that moment.  And this happens every nano-second of every day.  Which means there is a lot more than a billion billion things to calculate.

Here is the brilliance of your brain.  It has a special feature called a RAS.  Or a Reticular Activating System.  Basically it is your brain’s filter.  Everything runs through this filter and only the most important stuff comes through for your brain to actually process.

At this point you might be wondering what all of this has to do with referrals.  Well, here is what your RAS has to do with referrals.

Your RAS & Referrals

All of your clients have brains (hopefully).  Which means all of your clients have a RAS.  Which means all of your clients are constantly filtering out unnecessary information they don’t need to think or worry about.

And guess what…you’re one of those things.  I know, disappointing, right?

That is what’s out of your control.  But…there is a window of opportunity!!

Your Car is Everywhere

car reticular activating systemBefore you purchased the car you drive now my guess is you didn’t really notice them on the road.

And I’m betting that after you bought it you started to notice them everywhere.  Until eventually you noticed less and less.  But you probably still notice them more than you did before buying the car.

That is your RAS at work.  Before you purchased the car there was no need for your brain to capture that information so the RAS threw it out as unneeded.  Then you purchased the car and your RAS picked up on the signal saying that this car must be important.  Now, instead of filtering it out your RAS started filtering it in.  That’s why you noticed them more and more.  But eventually the novelty of the new purchase started to wear off and so the RAS lowered the priority level of the filter therefore reducing your level of awareness.

Your clients experience the same thing.

When they are in the midst of working with you during a transaction they have triggered their RAS.  Their brains are on high alert to all thing related to their transaction.  If they are buying a house they notice more for sale signs, hear more people talking about real estate, see more shows on TV related to buying and selling houses.

And that is your window of opportunity!

windowYour Window of Opportunity

During the transaction and for a while afterward your clients’ RAS will be looking for signals related to the service you offer.

All you need to do it tap into that and create a trigger.  Something that fires when their brain alerts them.

Here is what I mean.  Imagine that every time your clients heard someone talking about real estate they were triggered to pass along your card and say something nice about you.  Now, that would be pretty cool, right?

That is your opportunity.  And it doesn’t have to be too complicated…the human brain despite being incredibly powerful is actually pretty simple too.

When you sit down with them for the first time to sell their home or to help them buy a home you need to let them know what will happen.  You need to explain that now that they are looking to buy a home they will notice a lot of people also looking to buy or sell a home.  You are simply reinforcing the RAS in this conversation.  Then you create a trigger…

Explain to them that your desire is to provide such amazing service throughout the process that when they do hear of someone else talking about real estate that they pass along your card.  But only if they are truly happy with their experience (which they will be if you simply take good care of them).

Then, each time you talk with them, ask them about their RAS.  Ask them if they have started to notice more things about real estate than they did before.  The answer will be yes, for sure!  Now, the first few times it will likely be for sale signs or TV shows and not necessarily other people.  It takes some courage, and repetition, for the RAS to notice and then the brain to prompt them to actually go and say something.  But, they will, if you continue to reinforce it.  So, simply remind them of your goal: to take great care of them so they want to tell others about you.

You will be amazed at how well this works.  And will continue to work for months…even after they have closed with you.

Repeat & referral business is the single most effective source of business for any sales person…period!

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