Want More Referrals? Change Your Name!

We have a friend of the family who’s son goes by Johnny Rocket.  That’s truly what people call him.

One of my past customer’s name is Tiger.  That’s really what he goes by.  Another past customer is known as Hurricane.

My name is Scott…BORING!  And my guess is that you don’t have a fun name like Johnny Rocket, Tiger or Hurricane.  But maybe you do.  And if you do, then you’ve got a jump start on the rest of us which what I will share.

Names are boring.  They get lost in the mix.  Yet our goal as a salesperson is to stand out.

And one way you can stand out is when you send an email.

Email Open Rates

The average open rate for email is 20.81% according to MailChimp.

That means that slightly less than 80% of emails are going unread.

You aren’t reading 80% of your emails and neither are your past clients when you want to get their attention.

So what do you do?

Change Your Name!

What’s your name?  No, not your real name…the name you use on email.

You might be thinking the name on my email is my real name.  And that is the first opportunity you have to increase the chance that your email will get opened.

Change your name!  Not your real name, your name within your email.

What do you change it to?  Something that grabs attention, no matter how minor.  Here are a few ideas you could do to get attention with your name:

  • Add a phone number.  Instead of Scott Wynn it would be Scott Wynn (800) 123-4567.
  • Add a nickname.  Instead of Scott Wynn you might use Scott “Referral Master” Wynn.
  • Use a tagline.  Instead of Scott Wynn you could do Referrals the Easy Way.
  • Include your Company.  Instead of Scott Wynn change it to Scott with Database Gold.

What’s the Point!?

Imagine yourself looking through your email.  What do you do?

You scan…

You’re looking for something interesting.  Something that is intriguing, interesting or funny.  Something that is worth your time to look at.

As you are scrolling through your email you look at three things very, very quickly.

  • Who it’s from
  • What’s the subject
  • Preview text

Who It’s From

The first thing you do is check to see who the email is from.  It is normally in the far left column.

And since those reading this post read from left to right it is the first thing we notice.

What do we see?  Typical…boring…names, or companies.

And that is your opportunity!  You have a simple way to stand out from every other email your past clients receive, simply by changing your name.

Imagine scrolling through email and seeing this list of names:

John Smith
Sally Jones
Scott “Referral Master” Wynn
Betty Rodriguez

Don’t you think that Scott “Referral Master” Wynn stands out and at least stops you for split longer than the rest of the names?

I mean, even if you are going through your mail looking for someone specific, say an email from Sally Jones.  I can bet you that despite looking for sally’s email you also noticed the email from the Referral Master!

Words of Caution

There is a balance here, right?

The point is to grab attention, not offend or repel people from your email.

Clarity is important when it comes to changing your name.  You obviously want to grab their attention but you also want them to know who you are and that they know you.

If you choose to have some fun with your name and completely change it to a nickname, like “Referral Master”, you’ll want to make sure people already know you by that nickname so when they get your email they know it is you.

Setting It Up

Each email software is a bit different so you will want to look up how to change your name within the settings.  Here are a few quick links that may help:

Have a different email program you use?  No problem, simply use Google to search for “change name in…” and add the email program you use.  They all, pretty much, allow you to change your display name.

Layered Marketing

Email is just one of the layers you will use in your layered marketing approach to staying top of mind and generating repeat & referral business from your past clients.

They key to generating repeat & referral business is by creating a consistent reminder of what you can do to help them or those they know.  And layered marketing is the solution which is what we do for you within Database Gold!

Database Gold
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Generating referrals has never been easier!

You know your past clients are your best source of business.  The key is staying in touch consistently.

We’ve got everything you need to generate past client referrals…without the hard work!

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