Perfect 🎀 is the Enemy ☠️ of Good 👍

I used to think of myself as a perfectionist.

I wanted everything to be just right before I showed other people.

But then I realized that being a perfectionist is less about providing something great to other people and more about my own insecurities.

Let me explain…

Me or Them?

I like doing the best work I can possibly do.  The reason for that is because when I put my name to something I want it to mean something.

And I believe I have been able to create a good reputation for myself in doing so.

Which is why when I do something I want it to be great!  And why I used to consider myself a perfectionist.

When I created something or started something I wanted it to be “perfect”.  I didn’t want to look bad.

When I started thinking about that I realized something.  It was a bit of an epiphany, actually.

I realized that being “perfect” was not about providing “them”, whoever “they” are, with the best possible version of what I was creating.  Instead it was about not looking bad.

I was playing to not lose rather than playing to win.

What Winners Do

Here’s what I mean by playing not to lose versus playing to win.

Playing not to lose is all about setting up outs or avoiding the dangers of failing.

No one, of course, wants to fail.  And it is probably a good idea to avoid failing whenever possible.

However there are various levels of failure.

There is failure that can never be recovered from…such as death.  And unfortunately, that is how most human beings perceive fear.  They fear the worst.  When humans feel fear they feel the fear of death.

But most situations we are in that cause fear are not life or death situations.  They are uncomfortable.  But certainly not life or death…in most situations.

Winners understand this.  Winners push through the fear.  Winners take action in spite of fear.  Because they know good things exist on the other side of fear.

What’s On the Other Side of Fear

Want to know what’s on the other side of fear?


But do you know?  Because most people don’t push through the fear.  And because most people don’t push through it there are fewer people on the other side.  Simply understanding that fewer people ever get there means that there is a lot more opportunity.

This was a turning point for me when I realized this.

The reason I was pursuing perfection was because I was fearful.

Are you Afraid?

Maybe you are afraid.  Maybe you aren’t.

Maybe perfect isn’t about fear for you…although I would suggest really considering it as a possibility.

Either way, perfect is the enemy of good!

The Games We Play

Maybe I am the only one that correlates being perfect with fear.  Or maybe not.  Maybe the games I play are unique…but I’m going to guess I’m not alone here.

How many times have we said we are going to do that “tomorrow” or “on Monday”?

I know I’ve said it probably hundreds of times.

I’ve got to do more research.
I’ve got to get my meal plans in place.
I’ve got to purge all the bad food out of the house.
I’ve got to clean out my email.
I’ve got to figure out how to do it.
I’ve got to…I’ve got to…I’ve got to…

Am I right?

Those are the games I’m talking about!

We are so busy trying to prepare to do something that we never actually do the something that actually produces results.

What To Do Instead

Here’s what I finally figured out.

If I stop worrying about me and I start thinking about other people I can eliminate fear, and preparation, and perfection and actually get going!

Have you ever noticed that no matter how “perfect” we make something it is never actually “perfect”?

So why stress about making it perfect in the first place!?  Instead just get going.

When it comes to marketing to our past clients we “prepared” a lot.  We had to figure out what emails we would send.  And what we would put on the post cards.  Who we would call…and when we would call…oh yeah, and what we would say.

All of that is overwhelming, but safe.  It’s safe because we are in our own protected area.  We aren’t vulnerable.  But we aren’t producing results either.

Take the First Step

One of the first steps we recommend in Database Gold to those that have not yet marketing to their past clients or who have not done so consistently (or recently) is to send all of their clients a letter.

The letter simply explains that they are going to do a better job of staying in contact and increasing the service they offer.  That’s it, just a simple promise.

We do this because we know that perfect is the enemy of good. And yet…we still get people wanting to perfect this letter.  To get it just right.

But guess what?!  For those that just download our template, change their name and get it out in the mail get…wait for it………RESULTS!

It is about just taking action.  About getting something going.

Because once you do you can make small adjustments along the way to improve what you are doing.


You might be thinking, “But, what if…” whatever.

What if the letter isn’t worded the way you would word the letter?  Or what if someone unsubscribes from my emails.  What if the postcard doesn’t “connect with me”.

Those are all very real possibilities.  And I would suggest they matter very little.  Less than you think they matter when it comes to getting results.

It comes down to the same principles we teach within the Learning Area of Database Gold.  You should be spending your time on the top 20%, top 4% or top 1% of activities that produce the biggest results.

Worrying about the intro letter being worded in your own words is not a top 20% activity.  Calling your best clients after you mail it would be!

Figuring out what design you’ll put on this month’s postcard is not a top 20% activity.  Taking your top referral source to lunch is!


If you are at all interested in generating more repeat & referral business…which you should be…then you should take action and get going now by becoming a member of Database Gold.  All the stuff we provide for you is the stuff that allows you to spend your time on your dollar producing activities – your top 20%!

And it more than pays for itself (the whole year) after just one closed referral! (for most of you)

Stop getting things perfect.  Get going.  Take action.  Get results.

Repeat & referral business is the single most effective source of business for any sales person…period!

Database Gold
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