The First Thing You Need to Do to Get Referrals

You’re ready.  Ready to start generating more referrals from your past clients.  And then you realize you’re not sure what you should do first.

Do you call your past clients?  Maybe send them an email?  Pop something in the mail maybe?  Or get your database marketing program started with a bang by throwing a client appreciation event.

All of these are options and you probably any of these would work.  But there is a reason you haven’t been staying in touch with your past client, or at least not as consistently as you know you should.

For most of us it comes down to time.

Get Started Fast

When it comes to launching your database marketing program you need a strategy.

One that doesn’t require a ton of your time.  Something you can do while you continue to do what you’ve already been doing.

Outside of time the reason a lot of sales people never get around to marketing to their past clients is out of fear.  Fear that if they stop focusing their attention on generating leads their business will decline.

Database marketing is lead generation, if done right.  But that does not necessarily ease the fear associated with takin your eye off of what’s been working, right?

We were in the same situation prior to taking the leap and starting our past client database marketing.  We weren’t sure if would produce the results and didn’t want to lose any business from what was working while we got it up and going.

Which is exactly why you need a low cost, low time method of getting your database marketing program up and running.

Keep It Super Simple 💋

The first thing to realize is that keeping it as simple as possible is best.

This is now the time to overthink or worry about every little detail.  It is about getting going!  It is about setting the tone.  It is about getting results…in the form of referrals and closings…as soon as possible.

Here are the steps to getting started:

  1. Assess your database
  2. Pick the best communication channel
  3. Send out a promise
  4. Follow through on the promise

Simple, right?  Just 4 quick and easy steps.  Let’s dive in with some more detail so you know exactly what to do.

Assess Your Database

When I say assess your database I am referring to the people and data inside your database, not the database itself.  Whatever CRM or tool you use to manage your client database is irrelevant at this point in the game.

For now, it is a matter of identifying what information you have for your past clients.

Have you been good at collecting email addresses?  How about physical addresses?  Are you connected on Facebook?  Or do you happen to have phone numbers.

That is what you are assessing – which form of contact do you have for the majority, if not all, of your past clients?

Pick the Best Communication Channel

Now that you know what method of contact you have for most people it is time to identify the best channel to use to contact your database.

Is it…

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Phone
  • Social Media
  • or maybe something else?

My guess is that it will likely be one of the first four options.  Let’s assume that you had phone numbers for most of your past clients.  But you were concerned that over time many of them may have changed phone numbers.  You also noticed that you had email addresses for most people.

Just decide…how will you contact your past clients?  Which method will you use that you believe will have the highest success rate in actually reaching your past clients?

Whatever method of communication that is, go with that.  In this case we will assume you decided on email.

Send Out a Promise

Time to make some a promise.

Promises are a key factor in building a relationship with your past clients.  One that results in you receiving referrals and, ultimately, more closed business.

By making a promise and then following through on that promise you start to establish trust.  And that is why it is the first thing you must do as you get started (or ramped back up) with your past client marketing.

You might be wondering what promise you are going to make.  Well, you don’t need to worry bout that.  We’ve figured out what works.

The promise you will make is simple and straightforward.  You simply promise to stay in better contact as a way for you to increase the service and value you offer to them as a professional.

You can make this promise in an email, over the phone, in person, by mail or even instant messaging (like Facebook Messenger).  Of course, the more personal the approach the higher impact it will have.  But sending something out, even if it is not the most impactful is better than not doing anything at all.

So, send your promise.  But only promise what you are willing to do.  Don’t get caught up thinking you have to do something…just promise what you are willing to do.  Nothing more!

We provide done-for-you letters within Database Gold to help you avoid getting caught up in the details or stopping due to writers block.  If you are interested in learning more about how Database Gold could help you 10X your past client referrals you might want to check out our free Database Diagnostic tool.

Follow Through

I’ll admit this is the hardest step.  The one that takes the most effort.  And last the longest.

But it is well worth it!

Following through on this promise could, literally, mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of addition income to you through your past clients referring you.

Here is what follow through looks like:

  • You mail when you say you’ll send something in the mail
  • You call when you say you’ll call
  • You email when you say you’ll email

It really is that simple.  And the best part is that no one is telling you that you have to do something more frequently than you are willing to do it.  So if you can commit to mailing quarterly, then great.  And if you only want to call once a year, that’s fine.  You get to decide.

Will you get better results with higher frequency of contact?  Of course!  But you get better results from following through on what you commit to than being inconsistent with what you should do.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it.

You get better results from following through on what you commit to than being inconsistent with what you should do.

Will You Do It?

That’s it.  Simple, easy and fast…

And it produces results.  Results equals referrals.  Referrals equals closings.  Closings equals money!

Make it happen!

And if you really want to ramp up your database marketing efforts then you will want to check out Database Gold.  We provide every step you need to get referrals the easy way, faster than you think would be possible.  Database Gold makes it easy to follow through on your promises because we create the content for you so you don’t have to do anything except send it out.  Easy, right?  Then check it out!

Database Gold
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Generating referrals has never been easier!

You know your past clients are your best source of business.  The key is staying in touch consistently.

We’ve got everything you need to generate past client referrals…without the hard work!

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