Our Baggage

When Scott and Marla began dating in 2008 we were each recently divorced. We each had our own share of baggage in the form of monetary obligations and debts.

Marla’s Debt

Marla had a car payment and owed her mother $8,000. Marla had taken so much credit card debt from her previous marriage that Marla could not afford the monthly payments on her non-profit salary. Marla’s solution was to do credit counseling which was not really a great solution at all. That, however, is another story.

Scott’s Debt

Scott was bringing his own share of debt and obligations. He was paying his ex-wife monthly alimony that would continue for another two years. He owned three investment properties which he had purchased with 100%+ financing pre-recession when home prices were at their highest. He owned a primary residence, as well for a total of four single family homes.

He had a large amount of student loan debt and a car loan. To add insult to injury, his retirement account, which he had split with his ex-wife in the divorce lost much of its value after the order was issued, but before the payment came out so what he was actually left with was only about 20% of the original value.

One Million Dollars

It will blow your mind to learn that our combined debts totaled more than one million dollars.

The Big Goal

We had one goal and one goal only…to pay off debt. Each of his investment properties had both a first mortgage and a second mortgage. The second mortgages were at higher interest rates and totaled about $90,000. The worst one was at 10.99% interest and was an interest only payment. It was daunting!

Every extra dollar we had, with the exception of $5 each per week went to paying off debt. Scott did a ton of research to determine then deploy the strategies he learned to help us achieve this lofty goal as soon as possible. We were in a seemingly impossible situation yet we managed to not only pay off all the debt, but have built over one million dollars in wealth over the last 10 years.

Wynning Strategies

It is our number one priority to teach our proven strategies to as many people as we possibly can. Most of us have been in financial trouble at least once in our lives. Many of us are still living paycheck to paycheck and some of us can’t even make it from one paycheck to the next paycheck.

We can help you no matter what stage you’re in. Are you barely surviving and need help and inspiration to get you to the surviving phase? Are you surviving, but not thriving and want to have more freedom and options? Are you thriving, but looking for ways to leverage your money and get it working for you to achieve liberty in your life?

We are working every day to develop new information and tools to help you achieve your own goals, regardless of where you’re at right now. We know you can do it.

We did. Let us help.