Hi [Name].

Would you consider yourself lucky?

What is luck anyway?  Whether you consider yourself lucky or not probably determines whether you are lucky or not.

You’ve probably heard of the placebo effect, right?  Placebos are used in clinical studies to determine the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs.  They give one batch of people the actual drug and the other batch simple a sugar pill.  Both groups are told that they received the actual drug.  They assess the results of the drug against the results of the placebo (sugar pill).

Despite the placebo having no medical benefit studies have shown time and time again to improve the health of the individuals who take them.

And that is the power of our minds!

So, does this mean that by simply believing you will win the lottery jackpot (check out the top 10 largest lottery jackpots of all time) that you will?  No, of course not, but what it does mean is that by simply thinking positively more positivity will come to you and your life.

Let me ask you again…do you consider yourself lucky?  I hope you answered yes this time.

I know I’m lucky to have met you and have had the opportunity to assist you.  If by chance you know someone I can assist, please let me know.

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It’s time for this month’s TRIVIA TIME!


In China, what number is considered unlucky because its pronunciation is similar to that for the word “death”?


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Hi [client name], this is [your name] with [your company].  Do you have a minute or two?  I’m calling to make sure you received the [postcard/email] I sent you.  Did you get it?

YES:  Good to hear.  

NO: Oh no.  Let me verify your [mailing address/email address].

With St. Patricks Day, March always reminds me of luck…and just how lucky I am to be in the business I am and serve people like you.  I wanted to check in and find out what, if anything, I can to do help you right now.  Maybe any questions that have come up or possibly a referral to someone that can assist you.  Is there something I can do for you right now?

Please know I am always here in case I can assist you or if you hear of someone that could use my services.

Hi [client name], this is [your name] with [your company].  Do you have a minute or two? 

Great!  I am looking to grow my online presence right now and could really use your help.  

As you know, most people start their research for [home search/mortgage/insurance] online these days, even when they are referred directly from past clients, like you.  And that’s why I feel it is important for me to have some online reviews on various sites.  Would you be willing to write an online review, or at least rate your experience working with me?

Thank you so much for doing that.  Would you prefer to do the review on Facebook or Google?  I will email you a link directly to the page where you can do that for me.

Is there anything I can do for you right now?

Well, if anything ever comes up, I am always here and, of course, if you hear of someone that could use my services please let me know.