GIFT RECIPE: October 2018

"Germs can be scary! Buying and selling your home doesn't have to be. You can call me!!"

Send a gift that is timely and practical!
Your clients will love this useful gift.


Hand sanitizer (1 oz bottles)

Tags printed on white card stock in color

3″ x 3″ x 1″ corrugated mailer (white)

Tissue paper (purple, orange, white or black)

Address labels (recommended)

Return address labels or stamp (recommended)


Print labels or hand address boxes before folding them

Print gift tags on card stock

Cut out gift tags

Cut tissue paper into 3″ x 10″ strips and center in bottom of folded box leaving flaps out

Place business card on top of tissue paper

Place hand sanitizer on top of business card

Fold ends of tissue paper over hand sanitizer

Place tag on top of tissue paper

Weigh box and put appropriate First Class postage on it

TIP:  The post office will weigh your box for you and then print off as many postage labels as you need in the right amount and charge you the total.



Prices shown are accurate as of March, 2019 but may vary.


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  • TOTAL $105.21

    Cost per gift: $2.11