Describing how we feel about the opportunity in front of you is impossible.  To say we’re excited would be an understatement.

Developing our Customer Loyalty Program gave us a solid foundation, security of consistent business and a way of generating new leads and closings that was way more fun than any other method.

But we do want to be transparent with you.  There is no need to sugarcoat anything because we know you are a true professional who we can be direct with.   Creating a Customer Loyalty Program is hard work.

Hard work creates opportunity because not everyone is willing to do it (which will become clear here in a moment)…but you are.  And we’re going to help you make it as simple and straightforward as it could possibly be with Database Gold.

Are you ready?!

Let's Look at the Numbers...

According to the Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers 2017 by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)…

0 %
would use their agent again or refer them

That number makes sense, right?  I mean as long as you do a decent job for your client why would they go elsewhere.  You got the job done.  They know you.  They trust you.  No reason to go elsewhere.

Which is why I found this next number extremely surprising.

According to the same report provided by NAR…

89 %
worked with their agent again

But why?

It is actually quite simple.

Real estate professionals do not stay in touch with their database.

Or if they do, they don’t do it consistently.

And even if they do it consistently many don’t have a systematic and clear process to create Raving Fans to encourage both repeat business and referrals.

If you are one of those that either doesn’t stay in touch at all, doesn’t do it consistently, or has not created a process to engineer Raving Fans then you have a golden opportunity…

0 %
Your Opportunity

Think about this…

Your competition (over 2,000,000 licensed real estate professionals nationwide) don’t do a good job of staying in touch with their database and only get 12% of their customers to work with them again or refer them.

This means that if you create a database marketing program you can not only capture the 77% opportunity within your own database but also other real estate agents’ databases!

Hey, if they’re not loving on them then they deserve to be referred to someone like you who will!

Some Quick Calculations

Of course we don’t know your specific situation so we made some assumptions to illustrate the exponential opportunity when you develop a database marketing program.

Here are the assumptions we made to run the calculations:

  • You have been in business for 5 years
  • You have 100 clients in your database
  • You close about 10 transactions per year
  • You net about 2% in commission per transaction
  • You have an average sale price of $250,000
  • Home values are going up at a pace of about 3% annually
  • The average tenure of a home owner is 10 years (according to NAR)

I know this is not your exact situation.  Maybe you’ve been in business longer, or your average sale price is over $250,000.

Even so, using those assumptions and the opportunity that lies between the 12% repeat & referral business and the 89% NAR says is possible, check this out:

$ 0
additional commission in just 10 years
$ 0
additional commission in 20 years

Now, those numbers are a bit hard to comprehend but we did the math.  In fact, we did it over and over again because it just seemed too high…but the math is correct.

Now, you might be thinking, those numbers are unrealistic.  Or that you already get some repeat & referral business so you don’t have that full opportunity in your database.

So, we ran some calculations to show the opportunity if we went from 12% to just 45% (half what NAR polls say).  And it is still pretty darn incredible…

$ 0
additional commission in just 10 years
$ 0
additional commission in 20 years

Alright, alright…with numbers like that it is hard to believe they are real so we cut it in half again!

Instead of saying we can go from 12% to 89% or even 12% to 45% what if we went from 12% to just 22%?

Have a look…

$ 0
additional commission in just 10 years
$ 0
additional commission in 20 years

What would that do for you?

Numbers are hard to think about so let’s look at it from the perspective of what that extra amount of money would do for you.

$31,927 per year
That’s the 12 to 22% opportunity over just 10 years – the lowest number of all the calculations

What would an extra $30,000/yr (or $2,500/mo) do for you?


Drive a cool car?




Keep in mind we are talking about just $30,000 extra per year

What If...

What if you were able to maximize the opportunity and add an additional $5,000,000 over 20 years, $250,000/yr, $20,833/mo!!

Something is stopping you!

What is it?

If nothing were in your way you wouldn’t need Database Gold.  You would already have a fully developed database marketing program in place generating repeat & referral business on par with NAR’s stats.

So, what is in your way?

Maybe you don’t know what to say when you call?
Do you feel like you are pestering your database when you contact them?
Could it be that you think you don’t have anything valuable to offer?
Possibly it is a combination of everything and maybe even feeling overwhelmed by developing a database marketing program.

what's likely stopping you

Do you know that the #1 fear of human beings is?


It is why kids are afraid of the dark and why sales people are afraid to pick up the phone!

They don’t know what to expect.

There could be a monster under the bed.
There could be an angry or annoyed person on the other end of the phone call. 

But that’s all it is…a possibility!

We can not eliminate every unknown variable, but Database Gold can eliminate a lot of them…

  • You will know what to do
  • You will know when to do it
  • You will know what to say
  • You will know how to deliver value

Would that be helpful?  Yeah, we thought so.

When we first started our database marketing program we were in the dark.  Over time we figured things out and everything started to become clear.

This is great news for you because you don’t have to figure it all out on your own…we’ve done it for you.

Lay your fears to rest and just follow the process.

We all start somewhere.

What is your starting point?

We won’t know if we don’t spend just a few minutes doing a quick diagnostic to assess your current database marketing.

Find out how well you are staying in touch with your past clients to generate repeat & referral business.

In less than three minutes…

After selecting an answer you will be automatically advanced to the next question in the diagnostic.  Get started below…

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